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Exhilarate has years of experience in the entertainment, sports, lifestyle, luxury living and aspirational activation space. Few agencies rival ‘hands on’ engagement in serving millennials, athletes, high net worth, celebrity and cultured clientele.


Exhilarate specializes in Wow Factors. Our partners demand it. We thrive on it. Our legion of creatives fuel the Exhilarate spirit and we mobilize that energy to deliver customized design and programming for our clients.


Exhilarate caters to clients and its consumers. Be it in design, activation, engagement and programming, Exhilarate delivers solutions targeted to the satisfaction and delight of the people we serve. We care. We touch, move and inspire to bring forth the best experience...ever.


Exhilarate stays fresh and alive with the latest applications of trends, technologies and cool. We work at being up-to-date at all the elements that translate into relevance for our clients. Exhilarate takes great pride in injecting the future and excitement in all client assignments. We stay active, energetic and ahead.